Tuesday, November 15, 2005


How best to photoshop this? Leave your suggestions in the comments, I'll pick a winner, work on a masterwork tonight, and post the result tomorrow.


Mathis said...

Not all at once! Please!

King Koopa said...

Sometimes, when you start with something so...perfect?, it's hard to improve upon.

Still, I'm envisioning his "flute" poking up into the bottom left corner, maybe poking out of a afro-ish mass of pubic hair...and then substituting something else in his hand...yeah, sorry, that's all I got...I've got other matters on my mind...like dessert.

Ian said...

Herbie Mann was a sweet guy; I went to school with his kid.

Do you have a problem with the male physique?

P.S. Seriously, is there a way to set it so the "word verification" code doesn't give me migraines?

Mathis said...

I do that so the spambots won't spam me.

Trevor Jackson said...

Something should be written in the chest hair for sure.

"Contains Bonus Track" is too mundane an advertising slogan to help this album fly off the shelves these days. Something else needs to go in that white bar.

That's all I got. Sadly. Really. I have literally nothing else. Can you spare a funny?

P.S. My word verification is jvvax, but looks like jwax. Rad. See, Ian, lemonade.