Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Geez, people, relax! It's only a microphone!

Ok, so I took Trevor's idea of changing the wording in the banner in the corner, I used Koopa's idea of a phallic object poking up at the bottom of the frame, and I apologize now to Ian if he really is friends with Herbie Mann's kid.

Of course, I also used the idea all of you were thinking, but didn't have the courage to say: find a way to use Elton John. Somehow. I don't care, you said. Just make it happen, hombre.

And I did. And it was done.


Rob said...


cna said...

Nice, but I don't understand the NAMBLA bit. Elton John isn't a child. He's a man...some kind of man.

Mathis said...

But on the inside, he's boyish.

Also, I just copied that from some South Park thing. And then I couldn't take it off after I added Elton John.

Just, you know, go with it.