Wednesday, November 16, 2005


But if you've watched ABC in the past three weeks, then surely you've seen the crazy screaming Christian woman talking about how the other family is so ungodly. If not, watch the link here to bring you up to speed.

Well, as always, the internet does what it does best: takes something awesome and makes it awesomer.

Try these three links on for size.

The last one is the best.

This poor woman actually thinks she's not crazy.


King Koopa said...

It's "Trading Spouses"...and, it's much superior to ABC's "Wife Swap".

I saw the first of the 2 part episode on her, but I didn't get to see her crazy blowout. Sometimes you can't believe people like that really exist until you see them on a reality show. She did a fantastic job during the episode I saw of intermingling words that had to be bleeped with her praises and prayers to the Lord.

Ian said...

"Wife Swap" actually takes itself seriously and tries to get people to learn things about themselves, whereas "Trading Spouses" (on Fox, oddly enough) puts a bunch of nutjobs in a jar and shakes it to see if they'll fight.

A similar comparison can be made between "Cooking Under Fire" (PBS), where aspiring chefs learn about cooking and compete for the chance to work for a famous chef, and "Hell's Kitchen" (FOX), where a raving lunatic in a chef's outfit endlessly berates a group of hapless culinary-school flunkies who are competing to be GIVEN AN ENTIRE RESTAURANT.

That said, the God Warrior was much more fun to watch than "Wife Swap" ever was.

P.S. I now feel it is my duty to complain about the word verification gibberish every time I comment. "Word Verification" implies that an actual word will be used for verification; "fwygwlhi" is not a word, nor does it resemble a word in any way other than the fact that it is composed of letters.