Monday, November 14, 2005


I've sent out the first batch of Concept Ones and have a few more in the mail. Any more takers out there? Free music, people. Not even Steve Jobs can offer that. Not yet, at least.

So, my roommate and I had a kegger this weekend. Actually, it was only a pony keg. So, to be honest, it was more like we had a half-kegger. Which my friend pointed out was, to be precise, a quarter keg. Apparently regular kegs are half kegs. So, ok, we had a quarter-kegger. It was awesome. Well, about half awesome. Ok, technically speaking, probably a quarter-awesome. But I did do a keg stand, which was fun, until I realized that some lecherous reveler ripped my jeans. My good jeans. My broken in, perfectly-fitting Wrangler jeans. Which apparently aren't as durable as advertised. You'd think that riding a bucking bronco or roping a steer would be a little more strenuous on the fabric than getting hoisted at an 80 angle and drinking beer from a tap for roughly ten seconds. But no. It's not. Take it from me.

A man who's been there. A man who's done that.

Did anybody watch football games yesterday? They show the shittiest games out here in Los Angeles. Here's the games we could have watched: Giants vs. Vikings, Seahawks vs. Rams, and Denver vs. Oakland. Thanks, dickwads. Those are some really great games. What, do I write to my congressman about this or something?

Hopefully I'll write some sort of a real post later today, instead of just another diary entry.


Trevor Jackson said...

Three cheers for diary entries. This, coming from the guy who celebrates putting paint on his walls on his blog. And eating. Yes, pictures of people you don't know eating food in a place you've never been.

Is this what it's like to blog-whore? Cuz I'm really terrible at it.

Oh, and yes, while I was eating after finishing putting paint on my walls, I saw some of the Giants/Vikings game and the Bears/Niners. Both matches were quite thrilling.

King Koopa said...

One order of free music, please.

My address should have been on the envelope I used to send back the Get Out of Jail Free money you used to bond me out of jail. Haha! Just kidding!, I never put my return address on my correspondence! (I mailed them all from Desolation Row)

And, for the blog-record, I was only "visiting", wound up there purely by "chance". Man, what a memorable game that was...