Thursday, January 05, 2006


But - and, again, I know that this is just insane - eHarmony has extended their New Year's offer to me for just a few more days. This is an extraordinary chance for me to try eHarmony — three months for the price of one!

Remember, eHarmony uses more than 35 years of research to match people based on what works in thousands of successful marriages.

I can use this special offer to start 2006 with a commitment to finding the love I want and deserve.

Through January 12th, they're offering me 3 months of eHarmony service for just $49.95 — that's less than $17 per month!

So, how is your all's New Years, people?


Jimmy Saffron said...

You are truly blessed

belfi said...

It's going to be a tough sell trying to convince your true love to change her surname to Mastodon.

Ian said...

They don't accept gays.

King Koopa said...

Dude, eHarmony had better be guaranteeing a free BJ at those prices. And, pressures on! Better find somebody in the first 3 months!

My New Year started out hangover-free for the first time in a long time, maybe a decade. I'm not sure what that means, I'm skeptical of this clean-living thing.

On the flipside, my drinkin' buddy just got out of a halfway house and wants to go get drunk tonight.

Trevor Jackson said...

Hooray for the blessed drunk gay Mastodons!

(How's that for harmony?)

Rob said...

LESS than $17/month? Impossible!